Resources To Help You Sleep Better

AAA: Like DUI, missing sleep increases accident risk

This is one of the most unknown hidden dangers and cost to lives of sleep apnea sufferers and those around them. -D

FAREWELL: Learn better sleep and study habits

Students are among the most at risk for sleep deprivation because of the high demands on their time and resources. Share this, please, with the student you most care about. -D

Seen At 11: Doctors Say One Specific Musical Composition Can Put You Right To Sleep

I can’t ever fall to sleep to music – it keeps me awake, and if anything, I worry that it will play all night. But if falling asleep to music is your thing, check this out. -D

Missing 1-2 Hours of Sleep Doubles Crash Risk

This is the original press release from Triple A on their study on sleep deprived drivers. -D

Safe Sleep Guidance for parents

One of the most heartbreaking types of stories I come across are the deadly consequences of SIDS and the notion that bedsharing/attachment parenting isn’t dangerous. It can be, and is. Be safe with these guidelines. — David

Ionia County Health Department offers safe sleep techniques for infants

More detailed information and recommendations on how to keep infants safe when sleeping, with safe sleep techniques listed an easy to follow checklist. — David

Is ‘Screen Time’ Affecting Teens’ Sleep Patterns?

I can’t help but check my phone before going to sleep, so I use Night Shift to change the screen color composition. It’s a small effort, but helpful. — David

A Good Night’s Sleep: Why We Need It Now, More Than Ever

Ariana Huffington’s new book is getting a lot of buzz, and for good reason – sleep deprivation is, thankfully, no longer a medal of honor. — David The Sleep Game – Raising an Advanced Child

When my second daughter was born, I wish I’d had this information. It would have prevented a lot of sleepless nights for both me and my daughter. -D

WDTV: Campaign teaches infant safe sleep practices

I think this is an amazing use of government efforts – showing parents who might not be aware that there even IS a safe sleep method for infants. Maybe you can start a similar campaign in your region. -D

CBS: Portland ends program allowing homeless to sleep on streets undisturbed

It’s tough enough to find optimum sleep and maintain your health when you have a place (and bed) of your own. Imagine what it would be like to sleep on the streets.

MultiBriefs: Researchers find on-off switch between sleep and wakefulness

Ever notice that sometimes, even with the worst of sleepers, there are certain mornings when you are fully awake and jump right out of bed, and on others, it’s like you’re still sleeping? Read on about the switch that sets us in or out of motion. -D

Mental Floss: The Joys (and Unexpected Perils) of Sleeping in a Tiny House

I’ll admit it. I’ve seen almost every Tiny House show that FYI and HGTV can serve up. And I’ve always wondered how hard it would be for me, a CPAP user, to sleep in that kind of arrangement. Here’s how one reporter fared (let’s just say I’m glad I live in a normal sized condo). -D

BI: A sleep doctor reveals why melatonin isn’t a sustainable, or safer, sleep aid

If melatonin is something you’re taking on a regular basis, you might want to watch this video on Business Insider – a sleep doctor has some things to say about that tactic. -D

99U: A Science-Backed Guide to Taking Truly Restful Breaks

I’ll be frank – I HATE short breaks. I often feel less alert after a 20 minute nap than if I hadn’t taken any break at all. But maybe this article from Behance’s 99U will be helpful in your particular situation. -D

HealthCMI: Acupuncture Found Effective For Sleep Apnea Relief, Beats CPAP

This study only looks at the potential for treating obstructive sleep apnea, not central nervous sleep apnea (which I have) with acupuncture as opposed to CPAP. I hope they extend the research to my form of the condition. -D

InDaily: Sleep apnoea study yields surprising findings

A new study seems to contradict the prevalent wisdom that, aside from the obviation of sleep deficits, the use of a CPAP machine isn’t going to help you escape from potential cardiovascular issues. I think I’ll stick with CPAP despite these findings. -D

ULoop: Why A Lack Of Sleep Is Unhealthy

Over time, more and more of our medical challenges in life are being linked to a good night’s sleep. This article on ULoop adds more evidence to the mounting stack. -D

Daily Republic: How much sleep do you need?

Personally, I feel best when I sleep 7-9 hours. Here’s an article that will help you determine how much sleep you need. -D

FOX47: Sparrow/MSU research study seeks to aid those suffering from sleep apnea

A promising study from Michigan State University may yield more options for those of us suffering from both obstructive and central sleep apnea. -D

The Telegraph: How to utilise sleep and relaxation pressure points

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, here are ways you can use acupressure and other methods to relax into a healthful night’s rest. -D

WHAS11: Get your kids back on a sleep schedule before school

Summer can really mess with your sleep, and your kids’ slumber times. Here are some tips on how to get your kids back on schedule. -D

HuffPo: Detox Your Sleep

The evidence is clear that we are surrounding ourselves with harmful chemicals in our mattresses, pillow, and bedding. Here’s how to get rid of them. -D

CBC: BCIT installs sleep pods in library

Remember when the proctor used to come around and wake you when you’d fall asleep while hitting the books? What if they actually encouraged you to take a nap? -D

HuffPo: For The Olympics, Is Sleep The Answer To A Gold Medal?

Brasil’s been taking a lot of flack about the sub-standard housing the Olympic athletes have been given. Will sleep (or the lack of sleep) be the difference in where they all medal? -D

Tech Insider: How to fix all of your sleep problems with science

Here are nine ways you can use proven science to hack your sleep for a healthier life. I particularly like #4. -D

KOCO: Lawmaker dreams of putting costly sleep studies to bed

The law of unintended consequences is likely to strike this lawmaker’s efforts to save money, in the form of increased sleep-related driving and work accidents. Sad. -D

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