I’ll admit it. I’ve seen almost every Tiny House show that FYI and HGTV can serve up. And I’ve always wondered how hard it would be for me, a CPAP user, to sleep in that kind of arrangement. Here’s how one reporter fared (let’s just say I’m glad I live in a normal sized condo). -D

Enter the tiny house, pint-sized dwellings that vary in size and design, but tend to take up less than 500 square feet of space. They’re typically built on a wheeled trailer, as if the love child of a mobile home and an RV dressed up in the trappings of a high-end Brooklyn coffee shop. They have a minimal carbon footprint, requiring fewer raw materials to build and less energy to power and heat, and compared to a mortgage for a traditional house, they’re a bargain. They’re mobile, ideal for people who suffer from wanderlust but still want to own a home. They’re easy to customize, and plenty of people who don’t have construction experience find themselves capable of building one on their own.